About us

KÄMMERER is a renowned manufacturer of paper products for special purposes and an expert in the field of Abrasive Base Paper, along with Paper and Nonwoven substrates for a varity of wallpaper applications and Poster Paper. Our Osnabrück (Germany) -based company serves customers worldwide, on the basis of a tradition stretching back over more than 200 years. There are approximately 340 employees in the workforce at our Osnabrück site. 

Our integrated system of management lets us ensure that all business processes and system procedures are regularly updated to the latest standards. This continuous optimisation at all levels is one of our top priorities, as it guarantees our customers products and services of a consistently-high standard.

Corporate policy

KÄMMERER sees itself as a fair and reliable supplier to industry. Our clear approach to quality also embraces the promotion of occupational health and safety within the company and the careful and efficient handling and use of valuable resources. We are aware that our activities affect the environment, and that it is therefore our duty to minimise both their impact and our use of energy, within the bounds of our economic and technical means, by employing sophisticated processes designed with all this in mind. Our responsibility for the sparing use of resources requires identification and evaluation of the environmental- and energy-related aspects involved, as well as the fulfilment of objectives and the reviewing of initiatives based on measurable characteristics.
We carry out regular audits of the various in-house and external factors that have a bearing on our strategic orientation. This also entails taking into account the relevant demands and expectations of those with an interest in KÄMMERER.


KÄMMERER’s employees are the key to our success. Their loyalty and commitment are the basis of the company’s performance. A specific corporate culture based on trust is vital when it comes to creating a self-assured, motivated workforce with an entrepreneurial approach to what it does. KÄMMERER also offers the possibility of initial and on-the-job training, in addition to safe working conditions and performance-related pay that takes professional competence and qualifications into account.
Each employee has a right and duty to deal with any circumstances likely to interfere with the impeccable quality of our manufactured products, while ensuring that no resources are wasted and that occupational health and safety standards are maintained.


The consistent quality of our products is one of key factors that lie at the heart of our successful business operations. Our mission to meet and exceed the demands of our customers – in innovative ways designed to take quality specifications, statutory provisions and other ongoing requirements into account – entails the precise matching of delivery commitments to the needs of our customers, carried out in parallel with fulfilment of the established quality standards concerned. Our customer-orientated attitude is supported by open communications, a joint approach to projects and the evaluation of customer satisfaction based on visits to their premises.

Sustainability (FSC® and PEFC)

On customers request we can produce all our papers from FSC® or PEFC-certified raw materials. None of the raw materials used to make our paper products are obtained from illegally felled forests or timber from genetically modified trees. We likewise do not use any wood from places where human rights are disrespected, or from non-certified old-growth forests with a high conservation value. We have appointed a named person to be responsible for the implementation of this policy.
If circumstances ever do arise where we inadvertently employ timber from the above-mentioned areas, we implement immediate measures to ensure that no further raw materials of these types are used for the products in question.
We undertake to do our utmost to ensure that the raw materials that enter our products are identified in accordance with FSC® and/or PEFC regulations. Whenever warranted by legitimate interests, we publish additional reports regarding the origins of the materials used in our products, with sufficient geographical data to ensure compliance with FSC® and PEFC rules. Should we identify a raw material of uncertain provenance, we undertake to replace it with an alternative whose origin can be determined with certainty. Our management system outlines the verification and monitoring of our sources of supply, the gauging of the proportions of raw material from previously unconfirmed sources and the steps required to substitute materials of uncertain origin.


We select our suppliers on the basis of partnership-based, ecological, technical and safety-related factors. The products, equipment and services supplied must all conform to our requirements in terms of their quality, safety and the environment. We assist our suppliers in their efforts to improve and guarantee quality, protect the environment and maintain occupational health and safety standards, and we play a proactive and cooperative role in optimising their overall processes. This includes the procurement of energy-efficient equipment and services, while encouraging suppliers to improve their energy efficiency accordingly and to offer corresponding alternatives to the requested items or processes. Energy efficiency is a key part of any decision that we make when procuring products, raw materials or services. Contractors engaged to work on our premises must comply with our safety standards.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is a medium and long-term prerequisite for the effective reduction of costs, protection of the environment, increases in the energy efficiency of our processes and further development of our in-house health and safety procedures. We take a consistent approach to the avoidance of errors and their potential sources. This requires conscious commitment and active cooperation on the part of all our employees.
KÄMMERER has appointed an Energy Officer for the operational implementation of policies in this area, with responsibility for approaches designed to minimise the use of energy through the coordinated, active involvement of all employees. The Energy Officer is given the staffing and financial resources required to coordinate our energy management policies.
The main tasks of energy management include systematic assessment and evaluation of energy flows, as well as the formulation and implementation of energy-saving measures. Activities designed to improve energy efficiency are subject to continuous monitoring.


A clearly defined organisation, supported by a deployment of human and material resources that takes into account the procurement of energy-efficient products and services, creates the framework necessary for continuous, sustainable improvement. Our senior managers undertake to implement the principles in force in their areas of responsibility, while constantly monitoring their effectiveness and helping to ensure that they comply with the latest standards of knowledge and corresponding requirements. This understanding and awareness, coupled with the attitude adopted by all our employees to quality, the environment, energy efficiency and occupational health and safety, are vital for ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, the careful use of resources and, ultimately, the lasting success of our company.

Legal compliance

We regard all legal provisions – be they statutory regulations or requirements based on approvals, permits or voluntary commitments – as the minimum benchmark by which we seek to abide. We draw on external support in our efforts to keep abreast of all aspects of the law, and we nurture an active, trusting working partnership with agencies and authorities.
The improvement of our energy performance is supported by an energy policy designed to ensure compliance with legal requirements and the voluntary undertakings of industry associations, along with ecological and environmental demands.

Business principles and ethics

  • We are a reliable partner for our customers and suppliers.
  • We instil our customers’ confidence in us through quality, expertise, reasonable prices and reliable performance.
  • We use fair means to assert ourselves against our competitors.
  • We are aware of our environmental responsibilities and therefore act accordingly with the needs of successive generations in mind.
  • We respect the people who work with us. We treat minorities, people with disabilities and ethnic and religious groups on an equal footing. Discrimination is unacceptable to us. Accordingly, we have organised contact points for our workers.
  • We are responsible for the health and safety of our employees and act accordingly.
  • We safeguard our success by providing permanent, ongoing capacity-building measures for our employees.
  • We are committed to the FSC Core Labour Standards and hereby declare:
    • We prohibit child labour.
    • We exclude all forms of forced and compulsory labour.
    • We ensure that employment and professional practices are non-discriminatory.
    • We respect the freedom of association and the effective right to collective bargaining.