Protect the planet. Use paper.

We live in a sensitive environment, and we are all responsible for its protection. The use of paper in all your advertising campaigns contributes to ensuring our future in this respect.

KÄMMERER’s wide selection of poster papers is ideal for an equally wide range of outdoor and indoor applications, while offering an ideal basis for large-format advertising campaigns.

Chantaffiche Blueback paper products

A benchmark for the market

Thanks to our 50 years of experience, our paper products for posters now constitute a benchmark for the market as a whole. Total reliability throughout all the phases of the process, including manufacture, configuration and final poster-hanging, ensures the complete success of your campaign. You can rely on Chantaffiche paper for your short- and long-term advertising campaigns.

Suitability for printing

Special surface coatings for offset, screen and digital printing (solvent-based, UV and latex) help to ensure top quality results, while optimising the consumption of ink. We also offer a special anti-curl treatment for use in format printing.

Weather resistance

The blue backing provides perfect (wet) opacity, while ensuring that the content of older, pasted-over posters does not show through. The special design of the backing also guarantees perfect adhesion to the billboard base. The poster will not detach, peel or fade in any weather conditions, thereby maintaining the pristine appearance of your campaign from the first day to the last.

Easy to stick in place

High resistance to tearing allows manual or machine folding, without any danger of ripping or the presence of unwanted white lines. Exceptional wet strength allows you to reposition the poster several times while it is being attached, making the task both simple and fast.

Chantaffiche translucent paper products (Backlit, CLP, MLP)


Our translucent paper products offer just the right combination of opacity and translucency. This literally puts your advertising message in the best light, without any direct evidence of the lamps in the box behind the poster. The outstanding formulation of the material ensures very uniform translucency and high dimensional stability, while preventing any stretching of the paper in the presence of fluctuating ambient moisture levels.


Put your advertising message on a roll with our reliable scrolling papers. Our Megalight and Extra Scroll papers both offer high dimensional stability. Outstanding tear-resistance and tensile strength ensuring optimum deployment in backlit scrollers.

Chantaffiche Indoor paper products


Our paper products for posters are also good at conveying your indoor advertising message. Maximum opacity supports your message, whatever there is behind the poster. Excellent printability compatible with all printing technologies (including on latex) really makes our paper products for posters stand out.


Our paper products for indoor posters offer the perfect PVC-free solution. They possess excellent dimensional stability, even when subjected to the indoor humidity fluctuations of retail premises equipped with air-conditioning.


The outstanding opacity of this paper, which is coated on both faces, makes it perfect for two-sided printing and use as ceiling hangers. It delivers top quality, whether you are using offset, screen or inject printing. It also lets us offer outstanding flatness, even with large formats. It is used in shopping centres and other large commercial premises.

Billboard Outdoor posters

Product nameStandard basis weights (gsm)Specific propertiesReverse sideWet strenght treatedPrinting process:
Hard solventEco solventUVLatex
ChantafficheTM 250115


High wet opacity
Excellent stability
Flaking resistence
Folding break resistence

ChantafficheTM 250 US120blue•••   
ChantafficheTM 250 JE115blue••  
ChantafficheTM 250 JE US130blue•••  
ChantafficheTM 250 JE ES115blue••  
ChantafficheTM 250 Metalized115As above with metalized surface ready to printblue•• 

Blacklit (citylight, megalight): Indoor and outdoor furniture, scrolling units and bus shelters

Producte nameStandard basis weights (gsm)Specific propertiesReverse sideWet strenght treatedPrinting process:
Hard solventEco solventUVLatex
ChantafficheTM 200 JE135, 150, 170

High transparency
Excellent formation

ChantafficheTM 200 JE ES150white  
ChantafficheTM 200 JE PET150, 170PET laminated
High transparency
Tear resistence
Moisture resistence
ChantafficheTM 201 Extrascroll150Special reinforced scoller material
High transparency
Tear resistence
Dimensional stability

Printing process:
= Excellent printing results expected
= Good printing results expected
All grades available with FSC® or PEFC certifications on request.