Versatile, top-quality paper products for electrical use

KÄMMERER has been manufacturing paper products for electrical use since 1908. For a long time paper was the key insulating material for electrical cables. Now it has been largely displaced by plastic.

Electrical grade paper is now finding uses once more in the insulation of earth (ground) leads and remote-communication and special power cables, and also in transformers. Paper designed for these applications must possess special properties (including strength, expansion capacity, thickness, purity, electrical resistance, etc.).

Our electrical grade paper is produced, along with other items, on papermaking machines designed to handle thicknesses of between 0.065 and 0.140 mm.

Our products

  • Insulating-paper products
  • Insulating crêpe-paper products
  • Semiconductor paper products
  • Semiconductor crêpe-paper products

The advantages of our electrical grade paper

Insulating-paper products

  • Usage: Insulation for cables and transformers
  • Made of carefully selected, top-quality wood pulp conforming to international standard IEC 554
  • Type T 670:
    Used for insulating communications cables (mainly 0.065 and 0.115 mm)
  • Type 506:
    Main specifications ranging from 0.105 to 0.140 mm
  • Type 706:
    Mainly used for insulating high-voltage power cables, and in transformer construction. Main thickness-specifications of 0.065 and 0.125 mm.

Insulating crêpe-paper products

  • Used in special cable construction with petrochemical treatment
  • Main basis weights:
    100 g/m² 50 % stretch = approx. 0.35 mm
    130 g/m² 30 % stretch = approx. 0.30 mm
    145 g/m² 45 % stretch = approx. 0.40 mm

Semiconductor paper products

  • Usage: special applications in the construction of power cables and transformers
  • Main thicknesses/basis weights are:
    Machine-glazed:0.105 and 0.125 mm = approx. 75 or 88 g/m²
    Crêped:60 to 170 g/m² with various stretch values