We live in a sensitive environment and are responsible for keeping it protected. By using paper as packaging material, you, too, are helping to preserve all our futures.

KÄMMERER’s new range portfolio of barrier papers meets the needs of a large number of packing applications and is ideal for protecting products.

As part of this product line, we develop sustainable barrier paper products that offer exceptional barrier (grease/oil, moisture and oxygen/aroma) properties for the food and packaging industries as an alternative to several type of available plastic packaging material. We ensure that the product reaches the customer exactly as intended by the manufacturer.

Our products

  • KAEMbarrier
  • KAEMbarrier HS (heat-sealable)

General properties and customer benefits

  • Paper product made from renewable raw materials / 100 % fresh fibre
  • Safe food contact material
    • according pursuant to BfR 36
    • according pursuant to BfR 36/2
  • 100 % fluorochemical-free
  • 100 % free from plastics, extruded films or laminates
  • No optical brightening agents
  • Fully recyclable as waste paper
  • Compostable and bio-degradable
  • High paper strength makes for excellent running and processing properties on printing and packaging machines
  • Available with FSC® (FSC® C119542) or PEFC certification

Areas of application

Flexible, sustainable protective paper for direct food contact, e.g.:

  • wrapping paper for use in households, supermarkets, bakeries and the food and catering sectors
  • packing paper for primary packaging used for direct contact with food materials as well as for secondary packaging
  • liner applications
  • For filling materials with a long shelf life
    • Pasta, rise, semolina, corn, cereals
    • Sugar, flour
    • o Frozen meals