Top-quality base-paper for use with abrasive coatings

We have 60 years’ experience in the production of base paper designed for coating with abrasives. Whether you require rough rubbing-down or a smoothly sanded surface - we supply a large range of abrasive-backing products designed to ensure a safe and trouble-free process, for both manual and machine applications.

Our paper products fulfil the requirements of all manner of industries, including the woodworking, construction, metal, automotive, leatherworking and handicraft sectors.

Our products provide a perfect base for high-performance abrasives in anything from superfine to coarse-grain, in the shape of strips, rolls, individual sheets or any other format.

Our abrasive-backing products are manufactured on papermaking machines with a basis-weight range of 70 to 500 g/m², in widths of between 500 mm and 2050 mm.

Our products:

  • Dry abrasive-paper products
  • Wet abrasive-paper products

The advantages of our base-paper products for abrasives

Dry abrasive-paper products

  • With high-strength paper for trouble-free usage in industrial processing and final rubbing-down applications
  • Available both with and without antistatic capability
  • Rolls of paper are available in widths compatible with all abrasive-coating application machines in use worldwide
  • Paper products available in a range of different surface structures, ranging from rough to fine, for heavy-duty to fine-grain applications.
  • High degree of dimensional stability
  • Paper products with special barrier layers, compatible with all binding-agent systems

Wet abrasive-paper products

  • Excellent barrier properties (ideal for both solvent- and non-solvent-based binding-agent systems)
  • Suitable for all types of binding-agent systems
  • Good surface flatness
  • High water-resistance
  • Good flexibility