Management systems

The KÄMMERER management system

Continuous optimisation is one of our top priorities. It is for this reason that our business process and system procedures are subject to thorough and regular examination. We use a system of integrated management for this purpose. We naturally fulfil international standards applying to quality, occupational health and safety, protection of the environment and energy.

Protection of the environment

The protection of the environment is particularly close to our heart. It is more vital than ever to go about our business in a sustainable way, by exercising maximum economy with scarce natural resources. It is for this reason that our products hold the FSC® seal of approval and the PEFC quality seal, along with certification to DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001 standards.

Occupational health and safety

The health and safety of our employees is our top priority. The health and safety of everyone working at KÄMMERER constitute one of our main business processes. We have fulfilled the SCC checklist requirements since 1999, subsequently extended to include OHSAS 18001 certification. Today we are certified to DIN ISO 45001.


KÄMMERER has been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 standards since 1992. Our process of continuous optimisation depends on the systematic and consistent application of our management system,. The members of our in-house team of auditors are individually seconded from various departments. This leaves the team ideally equipped to identify, on an ongoing basis, those areas where we can make further improvements.