We are your partner when it comes to innovation


Our desire to offer our customers new ideas and new products is something that you can take for granted. We see ourselves as your partner when it comes to new product developments, and as a source of ideas for improved finishing processes.

As part of our effort to involve ourselves in the innovation processes of our customers, we apply all our know-how to carrying out simulations on our small-scale trial machine, before proceeding to larger-scale activities involving the main paper-production units. We manufacture cost-saving trial paper products for this purpose, to enable customers and KÄMMERER to thoroughly test materials and products.

Consistent top quality

Quality assurance

KÄMMERER fully appreciates its undertaking to keep customers supplied with top-quality products at all times. Our system of integrated management helps to ensure that this is always so.

All raw materials are subjected to intensive inspection before further processing, the manufacturing process is continuously monitored, and the finished products undergo the strictest-possible scrutiny in our laminate-testing lab.
KÄMMERER has been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 standards since 1992.

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