Paper Technologist

Paper designed for special purposes is made on high-tech machines which offer a series of interesting and challenging tasks for specialists in the field of paper technology. The minimum requirement for this training position is a completed secondary education (German Hauptschulabschluss Klasse 10 or equivalent), with good marks in maths, physics, chemistry and German. This three-year training programme offers you the opportunity to get to know various areas of our production operation, as you familiarise yourself with our paper machines and their corresponding subassemblies and peripherals.

The classroom-based part of the training programme takes place in the Papiermacherschule (school of papermaking) at Gernsbach, in Germany’s Black Forest region, where trainees stay as boarders for the duration of the course.

The training programme includes:

  • Preparation of raw materials, fibres and additional consumables
  • Manufacture of different types of paper
  • Verifying the properties and qualities of paper
  • Control and regulation of production processes
  • Maintenance of machinery, pumps and tools
  • Water supply and disposal

Apprentices report on their experiences

“Working at KÄMMERER is really very varied. We get to know about all the key tasks of a specialist in paper technology, right from day one. The trainers are very helpful and competent. In the first year of training, we are shown how to carry out tasks performed by a paper technology specialist, such as paper testing or pulp preparation. In the second year of the course, and as part of the crane operator's certificate that every specialist in paper technology has to study for, we learn about the various papermaking machines. Year three sees us deployed on one of the four production shifts, which is where we directly get to know our future workmates. The chances of being taken on permanently are therefore naturally very good. We learn about the theory of the job at the paper centre in Gernsbach during the 14 weeks of each training year. The stay in Gernsbach lets you get to know specialists in paper technology from all over Germany. The school offers all kinds of leisure activities, including its own swimming pool and fitness facilities. You can then travel home by train at weekends, at the company’s expense. I find the training programme really interesting overall. Just the good relationship with colleagues is enough to make you go for an apprenticeship at KÄMMERER.”

Dominik Köpke
(specialist in paper technology, 20 years old)

Application for an apprenticeship in Paper Technologist

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