Now you too can join the KÄMMERER team!

Our employees are the key to our success. This is why we set great store by building a team of well-trained specialists who are highly-motivated, performance-orientated and dedicated to achieving their objectives.

It is important for us that our employees identify themselves with the company.

Seeing and describing themselves as members of the KÄMMERER team has long engendered a feeling of belonging on the part of our employees, based on their identification with our organisation and what it does.

Whole generations have learnt the art of papermaking here, throughout the long history of KÄMMERER, to the extent that it was not uncommon, in Germany’s “economic miracle” period of the 1950s, to see grandfather, son and grandson all working together.

Careers at Kämmerer

We have no current vacancies unfortunately.
You might like to send us a speculative application, as we are always on the lookout for suitably qualified and motivated employees.

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