We are the experts when it comes to pre-impregnated decor paper

Our decor paper is specially designed to improve wood finishes, and are used in the furniture industry on such items as shelving units, cupboards, wall/ceiling panels, profile sections and wood-based materials in general. Changing trends and exacting aesthetic specifications lead to highly-demanding individual requirements regarding paper.

Optimum printing results are obtained on the basis of top-quality formation and high smoothness-value requirements. The manufacture of decor paper demands specific technological know-how, which is something that KÄMMERER offers in abundance.

Our decor paper is impregnated with special sealants and chemical strengthening to ensure optimum preparation for further processing on woodworking machines.

Our pre-impregnated decor paper is manufactured on paper-production machine no. 3, which, with its operating width of 2.25 m, can produce paper with a basis weight of 45 to 150 g/m² in more than 30 different colours.

Our products

Kaefoflex HOL

  • For universal application
  • Suitable for all printing processes

Kaefoflex RW

  • For application to the rear surfaces of furniture

The advantages of our decor paper

  • Availability in a large range of colours
  • High colour-fastness = light-fastness to match
  • Very good surface flatness
  • First-class printing results with all printing methods
  • High opacity for optimum appearance
  • Very easy to process; provides good adhesion with all materials (wood, metal, plastic)
  • Good results with all manner of coatings
  • High laminate-strength ensures good running performance during printing and coating
  • High flexibility ensures smooth lamination from roll to base material
  • FSC® and PEFC™ variants available

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